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Proven charter school veteran and business leader

I entered the world of Charter Schools full-time in 2009.  Since then, I had the fortune to hold positions such as: CFO, COO, Executive Director, Board Chair, and now – private consultant.

I worked for, with, and served Charter Schools for almost a decade in Washington, DC.  However, before that I was a successful real estate developer and finance professional.  My career path crossed with charters in 2007, when I began solving real estate issues for a small group of motivated schools.  Each project brought me closer to the movement, exposing me to a rewarding and fascinating world of opportunity.  Eventually, a school made me an offer to become their CFO and I accepted. Since then, my personal mission has been to improve the choices for students of Washington, DC by ensuring their schools are as sound and professional as possible.

My charter school experience combined with my real estate and finance background creates a unique perspective, a perspective I can now bring to my individual clients.

Charter School Expert

Boards and leaders have asked me to do some of the most difficult work there is: “turnaround.”  Turnaround work usually includes making decisions which are both difficult and unpopular.  From that experience, I’ve developed two valuable specialties: solving the hardest problems and making the most difficult decisions.

Running any organization is demanding, but Charter Schools come with their own unique circumstances and challenges.  Balancing the needs of students, teachers, parents, regulators, and authorizers can be burdensome.  And often times, leadership at Charter Schools are handed problems they didn’t create, yet are expected to cure.

I can help you solve these problems which may seem overwhelming or impossible.

As one of the few professionals who has successfully completed a turnaround of a failing charter school, I can speak with authority on how to make bold choices in the face of crisis.  Working closely with Boards of Directors, regulators, and staff I have twice taken a school destined for closure and turned it into a top choice for the students of Washington, DC. 

Beyond academic successes, I’ve also found several ways to solve problems and create value by:

The varied and dynamic skill-set required to successfully run a charter school is what makes finding the right leader so difficult.  My resume and background are what allow me to bridge that gap.

I bring steady decision making, a keen eye, and the confidence that comes through hard-fought success.

Today, I bring this approach to you, my future clients.

Together, we can identify and solve any problems your organization is facing.

Financial difficulties?  We can cure them.  Real estate problems?  Let’s build the future together.  Turnaround strategies required?  My proven experience can advise you on how to best proceed.

From tactical cash management to debt restructuring, even complete organizational overhaul – together we can solve any problem and plan for the future.

[UPDATE: As of October 1st, 2017, I am no longer taking clients until further notice.]

Thank you!