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CFO PARTNER:  Not all schools can afford a full-time CFO, but all of them need one.  Even with multi-million dollar budgets, I understand the need to stretch program budgets to cover more teachers, administrators, and materials for your mission. But don’t neglect this all-important position.  As a private consultant I am able to offer my services to more than one school, making it affordable and rational for schools to engage me.  My track record in financial management of charters is unparalleled and I look forward to bringing these services to your organization.

STRATEGIC FINANCIAL PLANNING:  Ensure your financial plan helps you achieve your academic goals.  Successful organizations create a financial strategy in support of missions and objectives that goes beyond how to manage day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting processes.  Don’t overlook this crucial element to your success.

DEBT MANAGEMENT: Debt can be dangerous.  If used properly, it can elevate you towards your goals.  If used improperly, debt can be the very thing which takes you down.  Make sure your debt is used, managed, and if necessary – renegotiated with your mission in mind.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT:  Sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations which require even more difficult decision making.  Maybe our enrollment was lower than expected, maybe our lender is calling our debt due, or maybe the Authorizer has ordered you to adhere to specific terms in a probationary period – whatever the crisis, I can help you navigate the difficulties and restore stability.

TURNAROUND, WORKOUT, OR SPECIAL CASES: As a turnaround expert, I have extensive experience in all manners of special financial cases.  Budget overhaul, corporate restructuring, debt negotiations, vendor management, and Authorizer negotiations – all of these require sophisticated thinking and high energy action.  I can solve these problems for you.

ZERO-BASED BUDGETING: Over time, budgets can become swollen as they are based on prior year expenditures.  Zero-based budgeting starts over and forces justification for each expenditure rather than assuming steady growth.  This process can unearth thousands or even millions of dollars in savings over time. Make sure you are deploying your resources efficiently without waste.

PRE-AUTHORIZATION FINANCIAL STRATEGY: The best time to create and implement high-level financial strategy is in pre-authorization.  I can help you create a plan which will best support your objectives and mission over the long-run.  Starting a school is hard work and takes immense energy, don’t let this crucial element get overlooked.

TACTICAL CASH MANAGEMENT: When crisis really hits and cash is at a premium, it takes delicate touch and finesse to succeed even when you are cash poor.  My unique strategy will help you navigate the most trying times while preparing you for the next phase of success. 

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